Consultation, evaluation and testing of patients with neuromuscular symptoms and disorders.

Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies.

Muscle and Nerve surgical biopsies and their Neuropathological interpretation.

Treatment of patients with neuromuscular disorders utilizing pharmacological agents including oral, intramuscular and intravenous therapies.

Long term care of patients with chronic neuromuscular diseases with monitoring of disease activity, therapeutic activity, adverse events related to treatment, support care, and palliative care as needed.

Multidisciplinary clinics with speech/swallowing therapy, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, social services, mobility and other device management. 


E-mailing staff will get a response only if you are already a patient at the clinic. You may request a consultation through the Scheduler. However, all supporting documents should be faxed.


Please review the forms provided on this page.

If you visiting the clinic for the first time, please complete the New Patient Intake Form.

For subsequent visits please complete the Follow Up Visit Intake Form.

Please complete the  EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies intake form if that is the only service that you will need.